Community asks Riot to buff turrets for years, they dont listen and repeatedly nerf them instead.

Preseason Development Update 1
Hey everyone, it’s been a few weeks since I gave a rundown on our plans for the rest of this year and preseason. I wanted to come back with an update and sneak peek a bunch of the ideas we’re testing right now.
Suddenly they decide to actually listen and buff them only to find that stronger turrets improve the game. "It’s worth noting that the lane phase changes mentioned above are actually doing some good work for us here. Fewer early first tower takes are preventing cases where a big gank leads into big gold leads and the winning lane starts roaming the map and crushing lanes that were otherwise going even." WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT BUFFING TURRETS WOULD MAKE THE GAME BETTER? HMMM MAYBE THE 1000s OF PEOPLE TELLING YOU THIS FOR YEARS? Fucking hopeless company.
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