Riot, can you at least accept that you messed up with DQ?

Yeah, we all hate it. It's trash. I personally couldn't care less, but the majority of players on boards hate it. But you have to accept that Riot will never change it back. When's the last time Riot made a mistake and then reverted it, or even admitted to messing up, b/c they realized it was an issue? keep thinking... Never. Riot is just too stubborn to admit their mistakes and reverse them. Riot, it's perfectly fine to screw up. Everyone does it. But not admitting it just makes everyone angry. It's clear that you made a mistake by removing soloqueue, something that probably affected at least 20-30% of all players. That's about 14,000,000 players or more. You've upset more people than there are in many states in the US. Yet you haven't even thought of bringing it back and you're now so confident that DQ can work. News flash: no matter how hard you try to balance DQ, it won't work as well as you want. Try to find the EXACT match for players, and you are looking at 20+ minute queue times. Try to shorten queue times, and matchmaking screws up. You can't do it. And, if SOMEHOW you get these two things to coexist, you still have the problem of 4-man premades, which shouldn't even be allowed. The last player just feels left out, and has a communication disadvantage. I've heard rumors of LoL voice chat. That's not going to deter premades from using Skype, as everyone who plays League is somewhat socially awkward and doesn't want to use voice chat with strangers. Finally, the most important thing: Bronze is still hell. Since you (Riot) don't try to fix low ELO, it remains torturous for everyone using it. You're too focused with your High-ELO LCS players. I have not seen an update that affects Bronze/Silver in the last 10 or more patches, and there's so many issues to fix. The forum posts really bother me. I see Rioter comments on things with 30 or so upvotes/10 comments, actually addressing the problem and explaining if they'll fix it and why/why not. Then, I see a "DQ doesn't work" (or something like that) thread with 200+ upvotes, about 60-70 comments. Riot doesn't even touch it. REALLY? At least SAY SOMETHING about it! It's like you're too afraid to offend us b/c we might quit, so you just ignore it! Another news flash: Everyone's still quitting, and probably faster than if Riot actually addressed this soloqueue problem. Honestly, it doesn't affect me whether DQ exists or not. I don't have these issues. But many other players do. There's more people than just Challenger, Riot. You never seem to look at low ELO and fix it. If you did, Bronze wouldn't be called "ELO hell", it would just be "Bronze". So please, stop focusing on Diamond and up, and look at low ELO.
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