This needs to be said every once in a while.

If you hate the game/company... just quit. Im not saying if you find preseason unfun right now to just quit league (although if you are REALLY unhappy leaving and returning in like 3 to 4 months is probably a good idea) Im talking to those people who JUST sit on the boards to complain about the same things. "Riot is a shit company" "games been garbage for 3 seasons now" Those people. If you have hated the game for YEARS and blatantly hate Riot. Why are you on their forums, why are you still playing the game? Just leave. If you so vehemently hate it just quit. No one wants to hear you reminisce about the glory days and how everything has gone downhill and is shit. If you want to actually communicate and talk about how to fix the issues then sure stay on. But if you think that "Riot never listens and is a garbage company they dont do anything i say" then stop saying it. just go. This is a little angry post i know but i feel like it needs to be said every year or so to remind people that there is better things to do than write post after post about how angry they are for no reason. EDIT: Apparently I need an Edit since people are taking this post as me complaining that people think there are problems at all with the game. I 100% agree that making posts and challenging Riot is okay. Disliking whatever you dislike is okay. IDC. But SPECIFICALLY to the people who DONT like the game anymore, HAVENT for a while. And whos ONLY goal on the boards is to be "that guy" sitting there saying "Riot is a shit company, because they dont listen to ME, the game hasnt been fun for a long time anyway" and is adamant on their feelings that RIOT and LEAGUE suck. That they arent contributing anything and they should go do something else instead. Hate Preseason? Sure Hate ADCs? Sure Hate the LCS focusing? Sure Hate the players? Sure Hate how the game has been handled? Sure Hate the whole game/company, and have hated it for a while? It doesnt matter how much money you put in, how much time youve invested, how much you USED to love the game, how loud you scream at people. Season 3 wont be copy-pasted back. So if thats what you want its better to just leave and find another game.
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