PD probably needs to be reworked or removed

[](http://puu.sh/qUtmj/fccfa49595.jpg) Automatically winning duels against anyone on relatively equal ground because of a 12% damage reduction shouldn't be a thing All the other zeal items have some cool unique effect with a specialized purpose. PD is just "I bought it so I now autowin duels that were otherwise reasonably close" Not to mention that the damage reduction lasts for a whopping 10 seconds At the very least it should be changed to scale with level so that someone like {{champion:157}} who rushes it as a first item half the time doesn't walk into lane with it at level 11 and effectively keep a 12% damage reduction on you until your next back. Maybe something like 5-10 seconds from levels 1-18 would work better if Riot is intent on keeping this iteration of it in the game
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