Why do promos still exist

If somebody can manage to get to 100 LP, they should just get to the next rank. Promos are honestly the most stressful, time-consuming things in the world. And if you get unlucky in promos, well, that sucks for you! You better play 2-4 games AGAIN! Promos make me not want to play Ranked at all. It's the most un-fun experience in the game. The stress is just too much. Just remove promos already, or at least make is to promos are only between divisions (Bronze-Silver promos, Platinum-Diamond promos, etc.). But why do you prove yourself so you can go from (for example) Silver 3 to Silver 2? If you managed to win enough games in a row to be able to get the sweet sweet 100 LP, just give me Silver 2 already! I think I can speak for everybody when I say, that promos fucking suck.
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