Senna simply does way too much poke damage

Laning against this champion is just absolutely miserable. You are forced to just sit there and eat an absurd amount of damage just for simply thinking about approaching the creep wave. She has an extremely spammable Q and then the worst offender, SIX HUNDRED BASE RANGE. Like, what? Why is her STARTING range so unbelievably high? And then it gets even higher as she stacks her passive? For comparison, Caitlyn has the highest base attack range in the game, at 650. Annie has 625. Anivia and Ashe are at 600 with Senna. Everyone else is lower. If you want to give her the ability to get stacks and increase her attack range, then she should at least have to work to get to a point where she out ranges other people, instead of having a higher range than 98% of champions at level 1. Increase her mana costs, and lower her starting range.

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