Is there ANY possible way to win lane vs Yasuo?

I have tried every single "Hard counter" against him and guess what. None of them worked not even {{champion:84}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:58}}{{champion:10}} NONE OF THEM Everytime i faced yasuo i picked one of these champions and i always lost lane. Yeah keep calling me a bronzie but im just really asking help vs {{champion:157}} which was renamed from genocide leader cancer aids ebola serialkiller to yasuo. Even with camper junglers its still lost lane. The{{item:3046}} {{item:3031}}{{item:3022}} and then full tank build seems to have no real hard counter. NOTHING of the metioned counters from worked not even youtube videos helped me nothing. I played that champion once and was 3/0 vs kayle I pushed the hell out of her denied cs etc. _**YASUO SEEMS TO HAVE NO REAL COUNTER**_ and if one exists then god exists too
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