This Garen rework sucks

He is undoubtedly getting the worst deal out of every mini update this season and it's entirely because Riot won't address the simple fact that Garen fundamentally has nothing. There is nothing hes good at doing that sets him apart from other champions, no meaningful win condition in his kit to at least provide a power fantasy, and there's almost no value in his already severely gimped kit. Just numbers. Every iteration of the rework we have seen doesn't even try to make him more useful or more unique. They're just making him better. Being better is the second last thing Garen needs when you change him (the first thing is being worse.) There needs to be a *reason* I want Garen over another juggernaut, or any fighter, or any tank, because the absolute best case scenario for a teammate Garen is you being okay with him on your team. Never *glad* he's there, because he has absolutely zero draft value outside of his Yuumi synergy and Yuumi is likely still a permaban champion. I would rather you icebox this entirely and leave him as is if it means you'll come back and give him the correct amount of work later.
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