Sejuani'd - Sona

What does getting Sejuani'd mean? It means when your champion becomes overpowered due to indirect balance changes (items, runes) and then Riot addresses it by nerfing the champion THEN they nerf the indirect changes later on, leaving a hollowed out champion what is completely useless due to the lack of foresight by Riot Sona is currently under that treatment We start of preseason with Sona becoming a monster with the new runes, we all knew a nerf was coming and we were okay with it, Sona was at a 57% w/r and we knew that was too much Then we see her runes start to get hit Aery and Kleptomancy both getting hit on the first patch, these changes put Sona to a much more respectable 52% w/r, a position she has held for over 5 years But HERE COMES MORE SONA NERFS, before Riot even assessed how the Aery and Klepto changes would effect Sona, they roll out a devastating nerf to her Q that completely destroys her earlygame and forces you to play caster minion simulator But still, more nerfs incoming to the runes she uses, Manaband and Scorch get nerfed, as does AP values from going sorcery Sona now sits in a very shitty position, she does only have a 49% winrate what doesn't seem too bad until you look futher into her stats -She has the lowest w/r of any support between 0-25 mins in a meta where the average game length is 23mins, even out of off-supports like Teemo,Trundle, Sion ect. -Her winrate at Platinum is 45% -Her winrate at Diamond is 43% -Despite being touted as a lategame hypercarry, many other supports are still much better then her lategame This is the worst situation Sona has been in for over half a decade, she feels like complete trash to play now, she needs more money then a ADC to scale just as well as another support does from minute 0, Sona's a goddamn mess right now and it really salts the wound when we have much worse offenders getting love taps (Ezreal, Leona, MF) even though they were also offset from rune changes
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