Are there much counter plays to spam dash champions?

Is LeBlanc OP Again? - How Strong Is She? - League of Legends
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Not a QQ thread but a question thread. LB & Zed are a very simple to use once you learn to use them. One of the issues is the duration of their teleports. Both have 4 second duration's for the location of their seal or clone. LB can have 2 4 second seals out at any given second. Both have great diving potential and that makes them who they are; assassins, but is it too powerful? I have posted a link above from Redmercy. He is a primary Zed player but is playing LB again because she is back to her mobile self. The main issue I believe is with these champions is the time duration of their opening to kill you and you cant react to the damage. Take zed or LB and they will dive after your adc and they will die. What is an adc suppose to do vs that? They can build a BV, but is that healthy? The common response to these is, just hard cc these guys. Thats cool bro but reality is you cant hard cc every major threat in the game all the time. I think a good idea is to reduce the duration of these to 3 seconds or keep at 4 seconds, but they cant go beyond 800 yards or they cant come back to the location. So if your target flashes and you flash, you may out range your seal/clone. I'm basically giving it the Lee Sin change. His Q is a 3 second duration and has a longer range but damage is way lower.
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