Why does no one in Ranked ever listen

I know what you guys are thinking . that Im trying to control my team but I honestly am not. I try to explain situations to them. I try to tell them things before they happen and they repond by being disrespecful or just plain selfish. Its a 5 man game and if often times feels as tho its 1 man game a 2 man game which isn't right Riot I know you guys are too busy to care because you are getting paid but really. But you need to listen to the community Your matchmaking places us in games which we are supposed to win or lose. Let an individual players use there own strengths to determine a win or loss. Let me explain. When you create matches if a player has 3 losses , you give them a game where the enemy team is lower skilled. Hence giving the loss streak person an advantage (making them win / carry) ..... When a person is winning you give them worse teamates. Let me rephrase you give them teamates of their rank but their mmr is decaying ...for example I am silver 3 with 80lp my mmr is raking up to bring me to silver 2 but to make there climb harder you give them people that are one or two rankes below or silver 3 person with like 0lp and or an mmr of bronze 2. This doesn't make the game fun. It defeats the purpose when you sway our games in the predictive direction that you want it to go. If a player climbs that player is 80% of the times a 1 v9 situation which is unfair to them as well. Even tho they are climbing you put them with people who clearly are on losss streaks or autofilled and have decaying mmr's just to make the climber's life hell....rather that letting that person climb in a 5 man team with people who are EQUALLY SKILLED..EQUAL MMR GOING IN THE SAME DIRECTION( POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE) AND THE SAME THING FOR THE ENEMY. I don't know about anyone else but I honestly think that riot use to listen to the community back in the earlier stages of the game seasons but now they do not care what we have to say they only care about making a profit rather than a comminity. And the community has gotten worse because of it. Everbody turns to toxicity and selfishness rather than working together . (For those of you who read this. Do not attack me for my opinion. I am human juat like you. I make mistakes as well as everybody else. I no challenger and I do not lord myself in my games. I make few mistakes as well. But a mistake is a mistake and I own and fix them. I just dont think its fair that they get to determine whether I win or lose).....They do. I got and email from a support member giving an insight to the matchmaking system
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