Mords kit (originally from a friend. Not my post)

Let's say it's a 45 min game every one has full items tanks assassins ADC support so on on roles and characters, when morde reaches late game his ult to steal 10% stats is super weak for a juggernaut not including QSS gankplanks orange and rengars empowered W and Sivirs shield, they all remove morde ult with a simple click, you removed the QSS for zed and Fizz ults but morde gets wasted by sole laners like gangplanks orange and a simple QSS which makes his ult useless when it comes fighting and snapping one into the death world late game. In my opinion morde is pretty weak when it comes to pro play with all these simple counters and how weak his ult becomes late game largely because how easy it is to counter and how much of a ult he has that only steals 10% late game, Is there any chance that morde will get a buff on his R due to the fact that it only stays on 10% steal stats and not increase at all like say from 6,11,16 ( 10%,15%,20%) cause as I see it last game yes hes tanky as a juggernaut but his ult is just a separate kit and 10% stats late game is weak for long team game such as league
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