Akali's changes must get over with

Well riot has done enough with akali for now first her W CD and duration and then the timing of her re stealth . about thr current changea you can remove her stealth but only under turrets to give her some safety in fights and about the heal there is noway in hell that you can take that away from akali she wont last two seconds in the teamfights without that even that or just revet her and get this over with . Extra info : about me i played my season 8 placement little bit late so the akali nerfs was here but i aslo couldn't play her ia my placement games except for 2 games !!! How can i otp a champ from season 7 and cant play with her that.s alot to deal with and actually iam almost quitting league because i cant play my main champ anymore . last thing about the message i have just received about the season 9 ranked start , i have no attention to play this season's ranked without my akali . That.s all i guess .
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