Can We Get Brand Out Of Botlane

Honestly it's just getting tiresome now. He's incredibly strong as a support when used right. There's no way to fight a good Brand support except stay under turret and hope your jungler comes to gank. Oh but if that happens Brand will just press R, facesmash his other keys, and walk away as you wait for your passive countdown to explode and finish you off. Either tone him down or find a way to send him back midlane because he's way too strong as a botlane support and it's just getting annoying. I'd rather see Xerath, Veigar, literally any other midlaner botlane than Brand. Instead of making Brand desirable, send him back to his original lane and make unpopular zoning supports like Zyra or Zilean desirable. They honestly feel better to play against than Brand even if I'm dodging plants and bombs every other second. They don't do nearly as much as 1 single Brand ability early game.
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