Mid mages are being pushed out of bot lane

If I'm understanding the shift in support items correctly "Mid Mage supports", like Lux, Annie, Brand, Zyra, Xerath, etc are lowkey being pushed out of the bot lane with the removal of mana regen. It seems like it won't be as profitable for them to go bot as it has been so far. I'm totally fine with that as Riot has nerfed some of them to only thrive bot lane but they were/are still strong there. I've never wanted to really see them bot lane anyway especially my former mid champion Zyra. However, that being said where does that leave these champions now? In their current state some of them are easily stomped or pushed out of mid lane by the new wave of mobility/assassin champions with little risk high reward. I hope riot does something to allow for this shift. There was not one new Ap item for mages in the update. Imo it seems riot is biased toward AD champs. Even Edge of night has been adapted to an AD Banshee's Veil. Do you think mid mages are lowkey being pushed out?
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