Dear RIOT, why isn't the community involved in the Balance team.

People are complaining about so many things, from patches every other week to things not getting fixed and every game being a coinflip-stomp over who has the worse worst player. Why don't you actually ask people about changes you make? If you did, even if things go wrong, you can at least say, that it's the community's fault. Why don't you just create a simple website where you propose changes and everyone with a league account who's above Platinum can vote for or against these changes and if people have ideas themselves they can propose changes themselves. All proposed ideas (from Riot or the community) then stay active until your balance team has either accepted or rejected them. This would mean that a) your balance team ACTUALLY has to think about each inquiry and b) couldn't just mindlessly change something with no attention to what mightbe the consequences. Right now, people are flooding the Gameplay boards with "wrf is this", "wtf is that" and not a single time have I seen a rioter actually respond saying yes this will be fixed or no, this is alright, get gud. Instead, after a few hours, the things are buried again because there's some new crazy op shit that was introduced in the patch. It just feels that whatever you try as a player to make the game better, it feels like Riot won't listen anyway, so why even bother telling them. 300000 $ is nothing for you, so why don't you just pay 2 Challenger players that also care about the lower tiers and a pro to do NOTHING every single day other than moderating this website and hand over the good proposals to the balance team. I even think voting should begin at diamond elo even if that would prevent me from voting myself. Also, Master's and Challenger's votes should count more. You don't even have to create a whole new website, if you just forced your current balance team to dedicate one hour every day to the gameplay boards and respond to EVERY single post. 1 hour isn't even much considering that's what they should have been doing for years already. Again, hire Challenger's if your current balance team doesn't have the time for it. However, "not having the time" to listen and respond to the people that pay you money is pretty rude.
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