I need some clarification on New Players and Elo

https://i.imgur.com/6wmqNt0.jpg[/img] The time stamp is 51:57... almost an hour match. The cait's damage output was 5.5k. That's around 100 damage a minute. Im not even mad at the cait who went 0/12/2 in a ranked match. We ended up winning through determination and focus. >My question is why/HOW are completely new players joining ranked and getting into gold+ elo games? The last couple of games I've had several players admit they're new to ranked or have no clue what they are doing. Its extremely hard to give positive experiences in a ranked match when the person is unaware of the advanced things going on. Even with the team helping and trying to be as positive as possible. How are players [who JUST hit 30( Or around 30)] Who have never played a ranked match to begin with, entering into games with people who are Gold+ Elo? Wouldn't that ruin the experience for new players? How fair would it be to play a game with people who are climbing into Gold/plat+ while you're just learning the game?
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