Another "bad" idea

Any idea I have that focuses on gaining extra utility seems to always be a shit build to other people. So here is another idea that people can tell me how shit it is, ... even though it does work as I intended it to. .. To start with, I'm going to tell you that this was initially intended to be a support playstyle, but I queued up for Support / Jungle, and surprise surprise, I got jungle Pantheon Jungle {{summoner:11}} {{summoner:4}} Phase Rush Nimbus Cloak Celerity Waterwalking (optional) Hextech Flashtrapion Future's Market (optional) Right off the bat, "Phase Rush is garbage" ... The idea of this is to set up an easy gank that your laners can follow up with. The reason I am looking at Phase Rush is because it has good synergy with his empowered W, then his E The slow resistance works on his self-slow, meaning he can retreat while his shield is up. Again, I was intending this to be a support build, so I wasn't looking for kills, but picks. I figured that the same concept works for jungle. The Nimbus Cloak and Hextech Flashtraption are pretty important as well. Hex-Flash triggers Nimbus Cloak, taking {{item:3364}} to make sure I'm not standing on a ward, I can immediately Flash or channel the Hex-Flash and use the movement speed and ability to walk through minions to get in range to W to the target. This stuns, and the following basic attacks trigger Phase Rush. I can immediately begin the E to block any damage they attempt to return, and retreat if the fight isn't looking to go in our favor. If the enemy gets below 20% of their max health, my Q is basically an execute. This would also be the harassment pattern as a support. Sweep, Flash, W, 3 basic attacks, Phase Rush, E, then either retreat or kill... and reset. There is really no power in his runes. It's all utility. The only thing that would really give power is Waterwalking, and that is only while in the river. As a jungler, and even as a support, this does help for him to be a mobile support. Moving up the river to mid allows for the same setup. Similarly, his ultimate allows him to rotate to other lanes. As for items, theoretically anything could be built with this. Full tank / sustain would allow him to worry less about the enemy returning damage to him, but then that defeats the need for Phase Rush to be used to retreat. I have played with the idea of building {{item:3222}} {{item:3107}} (this is obviously for support) and trading Celerity for Absolute Focus. His base health regeneration is pretty high and this combo increases it by 450%. Let the Hp5 heal you up to above 70% and you get bonus AD. Similarly, Waterwalking could be traded for Scorch to give him better poke damage with his ranged Q. Or Gathering Storm would help him with his late game. Taking Inspiration secondary could also be negotiated out. You would lose Hex-Flash, but you could gain more sustain from the Resolve tree or more damage from Domination. *** So go on, tell me that I'm wasting my time playing anything other than Full AD Pantheon with Conqueror in the top lane, ... or even playing Pantheon in general. I understand that he falls off really hard right now.

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