Can we talk about how toxic Vlad's gameplay is?

I don't understand, he's supposed to be a drain-tank/battle mage and instead everyone just builds him full ap/movespeed, pop everything so they run at you really fast and one shot you. If he's ahead, he will one shot everyone and he'll never die. If he's behind, he's not gonna do anything at all and will spend 90% of his time in his pool. Vlad could be a prime example of an "AP bruiser" that Riot has failed in making over and over again, instead we have this disgusting speedy boi that runs at you and spreads his stds all over your team. The mini rework that gave his q and e "counterplay" definitely gave him windows of power, but it's just so boringggg to play around, both as and against vlad. It's not fun to have people run away from you when your empowered q is up, and it's not fun to run away from him either. Fix this champion, Riot, please. Make him tankier, reduce his scalings, I don't know but the champion doesn't make any sense thematically nor gameplay wise.
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