I don't understand why it's taken so long to "balance" Zoe

It's just disgusting what she can do from fog of war. Remember who else got nerfed for being able to do this shit despite it being skill shots? AP Kog'Maw and Nidalee. Even in my most fed state as Ryze I would NEVER be able to do this at level 9-10 with 1 item. I just think its appalling that this champion has an 84% presence in ALL region LCS games with one of the highest DPM in the midlane. Actually I know the reason why, its because Riot milks off of new champions. They milk off of one-shots and fast flashy plays. To everyone that is complaining about game speed and how towers suck, Riot intends to keep the game this way. They want internet cafe games to be shorter, they want LCS games to be shorter, they don't care about you trying to scale into the late game. Thank GOD that they keep this champion viable in both soloQ and LCS while Ryze isn't picked in LCS and is an abomination in soloQ.
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