It's time to buff Garen

With new Conqueror runes hinted and various buffs given to so many top laners (i.e. Darius recently), I honestly think it is time to look at Garen again. Yes, Riot did say Garen is supposed to be a training wheel champion and all, but with all the characters with complex mechanics, Garen's kit really doesn't cut it anymore. Not even as a training champion. Garen may be a simple champion, but he's simply too simple at this point. Garen's q and r's delay also does not help. There are plenty of champions that can overcome terrains, deal true or health % dmg. Garen's armor shredding may be amplified with black clever, but too many champions have methods to counter that or doesn't even need to due to range. Let's cut to the chase. Here are few ideas I have in order to improve Garen. My ideas are mainly dealing with how to improve his mechanics so that inexperienced players can learn the game. IF Riot listens to this, I DO NOT WANT ALL THESE IMPROVEMENTS TO BE IMPLEMENTED. Simply adding additional mechanics to Garen's Ult would significantly allow him to contribute more to the team and the champion experience will be more enjoyable and rewarding in terms of learning the game itself. 1. Q -> Increase silence duration up to 2 seconds, or increase incrementally from 0.5 seconds to 2.5 (old standard) at rank 5. (Also, please get rid of the 0.5 second delay on silence. How is it that whenever Q damage is delivered, the enemy champ simply follows up with the skill? It has terrible mechanics and it should definitely silence any skills and castings. This mechanical nerf definitely came in the Juggernaut patch and it's been problematic ever since.) or -> Erase speed boost, but give leap mechanics (same as Jax and Lee Sin's) 2. W -> The skill itself is pretty good, but the burst tenacity duration is simply too outdated and too short. I do not expect this to be changed or even buffed (despite what I've heard in the grapevine for 8.6 patch), I would like to say that I wanted complete immunity to cc for 2 seconds. However, given what Riot's reasoning with Ornn, I guess this may be too far fetched. or -> With current damage reduction mechanics and the duration of the skill, give invulnerability against any ranged attack or even greater damage reduction against any ranged skills and damages, or within certain range of the skill itself. Something similar to Xin Zhao or Shen's. or -> If Garen's passive is activated, (not attacked over 8 seconds before lvl 11, 4 seconds after lvl 11), activating w significantly boosts his health regeneration by 100%. ( this is too much. I know, I know) 3. E -> With asking so many, I really don't have much to say about this skill except... please add % health damage in addition. Even just 2% enemy total health damage will significantly boost its effectiveness. 4. R -> This is a big one. Along with all other buffs I am asking, a simply addition to this skill can help Garen a lot. Instead of automatically selecting the villain based on their recent kills or kill streaks, let the player select the villain and be able to change that after a long cooldown. Have this cooldown automatically reset whenever Garen picks up the kill with the ult skill only. Also, whoever selected villain, allow the teammates (not Garen himself) to deal slight a bit more damage (i.e. 2% max health). This will allow Garen players to think more strategically and contribute to the teamfight by selecting their targets to go after. There are too many top laners that can contribute to the teamfight while Garen's role is being pushed to become a split pusher who can't even do it effectively due to lack of attack speed. or -> Have Garen to manually select the villain, and whichever teammate or Garen himself eliminates the villain receive additional rewards in gold or exp, or extreme health regeneration. (for teammates, it would be similar to sharing Garen's passive, which its effectiveness also increases when Garen hits lvl 11) Garen is a champion that has extreme strength and weakness since the Juggernaut patch. While I see Darius as the spear and Garen as the shield, the shield itself has been... left to crack for a long time while the spear has been honed. As both Garen and Darius player, AND with the lore rework that Riot is working on, it would be nice to see that Garen take a bit more significant role in rivalry against Darius. Even in lore's standpoint, and including the reason why I want Riot to specifically look at Garen's ult mechanic, Darius has been described as general who charges into the battlefield directly and cause carnage through his own combat skills. Meanwhile, Garen is talented general whose strength lies in uniting his fellow troops altogether. What else can describe the difference between Demacia and Noxus better? What other mechanic can describe the skill "Demacian Might" better? Give Garen the battlefield commander skill and let him contribute to the teamfight more. This should also give sense to Riot's "champion for new players" more in depth experiences in map awareness, teammate contribution, and enemy team composition. Also, if Riot or other people think these buffs are too much for mere 450 BP champ, there are plenty of 450 BP champions already causing havoc when fed properly, such as Master Yi, Ashe, Nasus, Singed, etc etc. The list goes on. Hell, I dont mind if Riot decides to buff Garen and re-price him back to 3150 BP champ, when Garen was first released.
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