How in hell wasn't Garen hotfixed yet? - Another rant on one amazing team in a big company

I'm actually disgusted there are people being paid to "balance" this game when looking at its state. Why in holy hell did they reduce Garen's free warmog's passive requirement from level 11 to 1? Ah yes, a point-and-click Max HP execution should seal the deal! Just don't forget to make it true damage to everyone, and I think he's now properly balanced, haha. Oh, and let him stack full Conqueror in 0.5sec. That won't be a problem. Even the good ol' joke of "Just CC him" counter-argument to any OP champion (aka - don't let them play the game) doesn't hold true against him, with two different anti-CC tools in his kit. I can go on and on, but I'm too lazy. Here are simply statistics: His supposed lane counters are rocking a negative winrate *against* him (Kennen, Vayne and Teemo among them), with the exception of Kayle, which is another bullshittery, a topic for another day. This is just one of many of this patch's symptomes, among a ton of patches with similar symptomes, but obviously this isn't the core problem... Riot. You are a really amazing company. In every single aspect, from art and music to community events and Esports, you hold yourself to standards not seen before. But you get a lot of complaints and hate and it boils down to one thing - a single team in charge of balancing your game. Why hasn't it been addressed by some sort of higher authority after all this time? Why can something so critical for the healthiness of your currently single item on the market be neglected for so long?
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