Everyone keeps talking about bruisers, broken champions like Yasuo, mages, and ADCs. But really, where do juggernauts even fit into League of Legends anymore? I mean sure we have Yorick with his buffs and Aatrox still seeing competitive play even after being gutted, but it begs the question about all the others. They're not very popular in competitive play or high elo because they're too easy to deal with. Their class design or fantasy is after all, to be hulking badasses that can tank a good bit of damage and dish it out at the expense of mobility. The problem is that damage overall is high at the moment, mobility is at an all-time high, and kiting is easier than ever. I'm having trouble finding a solution to the issue here because most of these juggernauts are kinda "old" world style champions too. They're not the given the bells and whistles like most new champions. They're stuck with very simplistic kits that gate their potential. Their build paths are also pretty static, with a few different pickups depending on matchups. As someone who primarily plays them, I just feel like I'm playing an outdated champion sometimes. Yeah, I might win lane, maybe bully a weaker lane opponent, and get a few solokills but these champions can't really pop off like a bruiser could. They can be relevant and highly influential in a game, but they don't carry as hard unless they stomp lane and even then they're basically on a timer until they fall off. I'm really just expressing concerns here about a champion class. But even Nasus' completely unnecessary Q buffs seems to suggest that Riot is at just as much at a loss as to how to make them relevant. Yorick's maiden buffs are powerful but they don't solve the core problem with him being a terrible teamfighter. And while Aatrox is "technically" a juggernaut, he's a bit too mobile to fit the bill IMO.
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