What’s worse? A stat check champ? Or an overloaded champ?

For those who don’t know: a stat check champion is a simple champ that only relies on its stats to win games. It’s simply getting items and focus targeting a singular champion, and the others only require good items and abilities to stop you. Some examples include Master Yi, Tryndamere, Dr. Mundo, and arguably Volibear, Udyr, Jax and Malzahar Overloaded (a term that’s continuously being thrown around) is a champion with too much in its kit, which means that they can do anything in the right situation to win. Some would say that it’s related with their skill expression, how well one plays and expresses their own skills on that champ towards others. Some examples include Akali, Riven, Aatrox, Cassiopeia, Katarina, and arguably Azir, Shaco (pre-6), Yasuo, Sylas and Fiora. Personally, there are individual problems with both sides of the argument, but I would say stat sticks and stat check champions are worse. What do you guys think?
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