recently ive notcied a heavy influx of feeders in normal games

I play alot of normal's, its stress free and more fun then ranked in my opinion. Recently though i haven't really been wining a lot. There is always and i mean always a feeder on my team now. A guy that goes 2/13 to the enemy graves and proceeds to say "gg first time morg". Last season it wasn't this bad. most of my games were competitive. Now it seems like every game there is one person that doesn't give a shit. I know its normals but i still like to win. does it have anything to do with the new pre season? Are ranked players flocking to normal's and just messing around? I know this rant sounds crazy but i shit you not when i say its mostly every game. also does anyone know why games or much more stompy? Feels like there way shorter as well. Did riot intend to do this?
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