So.... I'm guessing we're going to see Taric/Sona Duos for awhile.....

I'm sure most of NA followed the LCS Cloud 9 game today with Sneaky as Sona in a duo Support bot lane.... Where they boxed out a traditional team with an adc, simply by trading support gold, laying on 2 layers of heals, 2 layers of shields, 2 stuns, Team invuln...... (They even lost lane hard in CS) Here's my question: Given that Riot's invested so much effort into nerfing nonsupport use of support items on other roles, why have they not simply implemented the rule: _**Cannot gain a benefit from another Support Trinket if you own a Support Trinket?**_ I mean..... -they murdered junglers using Trinkets -they murdered adcs using Trinkets -they murdered mids/tops using Trinkets So why haven't they murdered 2 supports using them at the same time? I mean...... watch how the game went that I'm mentioning. {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} 1) They had twice as many wards as a traditional team 2) They had two multi damage/soaking champions whose scaling is designed work on a budget income 3) They had a "no escape" team to boost with those 2 supports 4) They hard lost lane but carried the game 5) At least 4 times during the game, Sneaky actually got questioned by the rear-kissing commentators because he made poor support decisions, one of which literally got him singled out solo and dead in .5 seconds. (But ofc since the commentators were biased, they made the criticism sound like not a direct hit.... like when Sneaky Crescendo'd through a VISIBLE jungle wall at nothing) -------------------------------------- Note about OP: I'm someone who OFTEN plays outside the meta. When {{champion:28}} could use {{item:3311}} , I used it. I often jungle {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:555}} because I'm extremely good at it. I'll even occasionally sheen an adc, or build a tank mid mage. But..... Most item interactions have been fixed so that gold income is directly proportionate to how your lane plays. That's different than "meta/nonmeta" {{item:3401}} {{item:3092}} Has not......... _**And an LCS team is highlighting it.........**_ (P.S. I have nothing at all against Cloud 9..... I do generally support them when I watch more pro plays. So this thread isn't about C9 hate) {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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