Champion Update Q&A: Taric, the Shield of Valoran [COMPLETE]

Hey everyone!

We've gathered a bunch of Rioters from the Taric team for some Q&A about the Shield of Valoran himself! Whether you're interested in Taric's gameplay, story, or art, ask away and we'll be happy to answer!

On hand for questions today we have:
  • David "RiotRepertoir" Capurro - Designer
  • George "Glorft" Krstic - Writer
  • Paul "Partiest Cat" Jarvis - Animator
  • Kory "Ququroon" Dearborne - QA
  • Ryan "Reav3" Mireles - Production
  • Janelle "RiotStellari" Jimenez - Promotion
  • Jake "LoveCommander" Pearce - Promotion
  • Chris "Pwyff" Tom - Cool Guy

  • Check out these links if you need to get up to speed:

    The Ascent - Why do you climb?

    Champion Update: Taric, the Shield of Valoran - Check out Taric's update reveal.

    PBE Gameplay Livestream - Designer Repertoir demos Taric's PBE gameplay.

    Champion Bio: Taric - The best weapons are beautiful.

    Champion Insights: Taric - The story behind Taric's update.

    Champion Dev Podcast - Inside Taric's dev with the designers.

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