My first post after 5 years of reading the boards.

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you Riot. Thank you for giving me a game that I have played exclusively for 5 years for zero cost with the exception of 50 dollars over the years to gift skins to my brothers. Thank you for the loot box system. I now own over 20skins due to the introduction of loot boxes. I love that I can get skins now without spending any real money (I have always rerolled). Thank you for giving me some compensation for my old runes and runes pages. Thank you for always striving to innovate and improve your game and for being present on the same boards where people treat you like garbage for daring to makes changes to a game you allow people to play for free. Thank you for creating Velkoz, the only champ I can play at a win percentage above 50%. Thank you for creating a challenging but fun team based game that has brought my brothers and I closer through the years despite living on opposite ends of country. Thank you for all the good work you have done through the years.
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