Does your Champion influence how spiteful you can be?

I've noticed when I'm playing certain champs, I actually have different mindsets. Perhaps these mindsets are caused by my interpretations of these champs' personalities. {{champion:83}} I'm a sarcastic dick. If Riot doesn't care about Yorick, why should he care about anyone else if they don't do anything for him? {{champion:268}} Already tilted and frustrated {{champion:75}} Calm, unless I'm fighting another Nasus. {{champion:111}} Really chill. I'm not sure why Naut calms me down naturally. {{champion:122}} Quick to anger, usually because I have to lane against his difficult match-ups. {{champion:14}} Borderline fuming {{champion:134}} I become a Megalomaniac. I get petty when things don't go my way {{champion:222}} Really happy, crazy. I get really into playing. {{champion:15}} Hesitant, flighty. I don't like staying around during a bad fight. {{champion:16}} Clingy, caring behaviour. Similar to how I act when I play the Medic Class in TF2. {{champion:18}} Positive and careful {{champion:267}} Bubbly {{champion:117}} Eccentric, referring to teammates by silly nicknames {{champion:5}} HYPED up and ready to kick ass like a MAN. {{champion:37}} Passive-aggressive "..." {{champion:119}} Cocky {{champion:40}} Playful, but cautious. I'm full of hot air if I get killed.
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