Please give something to crit ADC

Hi, The recent changes to crit ADC are very bad if the aim was to shift some of the power to the late game and make them better against tanks and worse against other classes it sure succeeded. Now if the enemy team isn't very very tanky and the game goes on for 35+ minutes any crit ADC will be useless, just straight up useless not just weak. Our damage has been guttered in the early game and we need at least 3 items to start to compete with anyone and those 3 items cost more than 10K gold if counting boots potions and wards. All of that would actually be fine if we had both waveclear, or other ways to stall the game, and sustain. But with nerfs to statikk and buffs to minions and now fleet footwork being garbage tier we have none. So we end up with some champions that have no way of surviving the early game, no way of stalling and archiving the late game and no damage up until 10K gold and even then they'd need a 4th item to be really relevant. A very simple way to fix all of this would be to change stormrazor make it have energized attacks a deal bonus damage based on crit chance and heal a bit, for example "Energized attacks deal 10+1/3 crit chance % bonus magic damage and heal for a third of the damage dealt" maybe even divide the damage by 3 but make it deal area of effect and the primary target takes 3 times as much damage and is the only one procing the heal. It would not give you energized attacks but just empower them so assassins and other champions not building statikk or RFC or not taking fleet footwork can't abuse it, it would have great synergy with crit and not anti-synergy like the current version so it's not garbage to build and it would have heal so you can actually survive the early game. The things it would do: Give ADC a meaningful 1st item with good stats and build path Give ADC a way to survive and waveclear Give synergy with crit builds What it would not do: Give non ADC or crit users a way to abuse the item Give ADC too much survivability as you need to proc the passive with an auto so you need to position and kite well enough to not get one shot, this item won't help you against one shots it will just be sustain the aim is not to make ADC tanky Give ADC too much damage, its damage will be similar to old IE damage when at 100% crit (the numbers I proposed may be too high maybe 1/5 of the crit chance would be better) We really need something like this, I'm not asking to make crit ADC the best but I've played crit ADC for a very long time and have lived very bad metas for us, but this not only is a bad meta but it strips away everything from us, this patch feels the worst out of the last 3 seasons at least. If you will not do this at least reduce the gold cost or change the build paths but there is something that needs to be done if we ever hope to play crit ADC ever again. Thank you for reading,
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