Yasuo's weakness

Have you ever really seen a yasuo freeze his lane? Did it really work? Sure he can dash to you but he's stuck if the melee minions die and he isn't close enough to the ranged ones and he can't dash to you if he's trying to zone you unless you get really really close the range on his dash is 475, for those who don't know aa range is 550 so what happens if yasuo lets you push the lane.. probably nothing good. I'd like to skip your bullshit so I'm just going to skip to the part where I ask, is any good yasuo ever really going to let you shove the lane if you don't counter the living crap out of him somehow? If the answer is no then the next logical step is to ask, does yasuo typically HAVE to push the lane. If he rushes shiv he certainly will be, I know this much. Unless he's gonna farm with E of course which probably isn't as practical as it sounds
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