Buff steraks/titanic for their target users in preseason please.

both items are. indeed weak. and do I know how to fix them. maybe. or maybe not. I will not say what I have in mind. but rather. let riot figure a way out to fix these items. steraks gage. in its state. is pathetic. maw is nearly stat efficient. without passive. and is way over efficiency with its passive. however. steraks. is pretty bad. titanic has synergy with a cpl champions. but its bad on juggernauts and champions that generally don't auto attack that much. and even then. its sub optimal. its very expensive. and it isn't a main source of damage and you start building tank on main damage items on bruisers anyway nobody goes full damage on them I mean. maw was nerfed because ad carries abused it but its still fine. ad carries still buy it and you stopped paying attention to it. now steraks. isn't bought on carries that much. even tho i see it every now and then. but rarely. but generally. the item is not worth it unless you get a triforce. and even then. its meh. why not get a randuins or the duct tape equivalent GA you know what. I will share what I want to see. a suggestion. that not I made but many people here make steraks shield scale with bonus hp. this way squishies don't benefit from it. also give it 100 hp back or more since the shield is gonna scale with less hp now. maybe from 30 to 50% bonus hp then. make titanic bonus on hit damage scale with bonus hp so squishies don't benefit from it. or to completelt fix it. make it give ad based on BONUS . so that a squishie isn't gonna benefit much from getting it but a tank getting some ad isn't bad. ofcourse adjusting some outliers that would abuse individually. instead of the on hit that some champs like master yi double dip on it and its ad. and give it some of its ad back. not 15. but 10 would be good enough. nobody ever buys these items becuase they are optimal. but because they are the least worse options. even trundle gets ravenous most of the time now. shyvanna is in a bad state really. nobody gets titanic anymore. and steraks is as rare as blue moons.
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