After laning against ninja tabi rush vayne top , here are my thoughts.

riot games has no intention of allowing any class that isnt tank/ranged champs to have fun top. i had no fun that game. i was miserable. i couldnt do anything on my own. playing anything else other than tanks/ranged champs is asking to suffer. i not only went 3-0 in lane but i then became completely useless late game because no amount of tenacity was going to help me surivive in teamfights what with riots idiocy and wonderful idea to input cc into every little thing forgetting that melee champs have an easie time getting affected by these shits rather than the overall game they want to fuck over. ive never seen ignorant bias to this level. no other game completely shuts off one class for 3 years and continuously leaves it to burn with no help whatsoever.
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