Crit chance, Ashe and Miss Fortune reworks.

Marksman for the most part lack uniqueness, sure they have different ranges, different skills, and different passives but most of them auto attack the same. A few months back Riot changed the notion that Marksman can't have unique auto attacks by reworking Ashe and how she interacts with Critical Attack percent. The change really makes Ashe feel unique and I sincerely hope there are more changes to marksman like her rework. The most recent rework was Miss Fortune, but oddly enough she did not get the same attention to detail on her AAs. I strongly believe on opportunity was missed on her, she could have had some interesting interaction with her auto attack modifier "impure shot" like Ashe's frost, maybe incorporate 'strut' interactions with Crit chance or make Crit chance and 'impure shots' have an interaction. I honestly feel like an opportunity was missed on MF. Going forward it's my hope that Crit chance will be remorked or incorporated interestingly into marksmans kitts like Ashe. Maybe we can help Riot come up with a few ideas. Post you thoughts and ideas on Crit chance interactions, and we may just make marksman more unique and fun to play.
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