Jayce has litterally no losing matchUps and Darius gets nerfed 1st because he stomps low elo.(rant)

Jayce and Cait mind you consistently shit on everything yet no action is taken. The nerfs on Jayce wont do jackshit with the lethality buffs. I play fkn pantheon into jayce he misses 2 fkn Q's ( canon )yet we go even on the fkn trade even if i perfectly rotate my aegis. LIKE WTF am i suppsoed to do pick fkn XERATH top so i dont get near him for the entire game is that the fkn counterplay? everyone and their mother abuses this scrublord champ better nerf some random shit first not like people complain about this fkn thing that doesnt get outscaled till 5 damn items. Oh its not like the game end in 20 minutes atm. Oh camp him yeh! camp him !! waste 10fkn minutes tryna camp a jayce and give the enemy fbtower dragons herald a virgins blood the excalibur and the ring of youth.

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