Sona - A tiny little request to re-imburse her with something small she had pre-rework

-Crescendo gives a stack of powerchord when casted Please can we have this back? it was removed in her rework with no comment on it, I am pretty sure you guys didn't even know it gave her a passive stack then I play a lot of AP Sona mid, and it's really frustrating knowing that a lot of trades I lose, could have been won if I had that single powerchord stack after I ulted And on a somewhat QOL related note, can Diminuendo get a better effect on it? It never gets noticed and other "crippling" effects like Lulu's polymorph get a way better reaction to it then the hardly visible green and red particles that Sona's Diminuendo does, it's really pathetic for a skill that should be pressed on much more by your allies, [again the shrink effect you had planned for her in PBE]( made way more sense on the play of "diminish" in diminuendo, really confuses me as to why you removed it, specially since Trundles ult makes the target shrink Can someone from Riot maybe drop by? Give us a little insight on their thoughts to these tiny but helpful changes, with all the talk of preseason balance changes ect. and nothing has been said about Sona, slowly losing hope here
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