What's taken the fun out of league for you?

I am very curious on what you guys think, I've been hearing nothing but complaints about the state of the game since the Kai'sa has come out. The only things I can think of are- 1. The game is sacrificing its fun and creativity for the sake of competition, even for it's non-competitive player base. Unique builds and not as popular champs are basically punished for being in the game. Riot's talented with their designs, and it's a shame that such cool champs like Aurelion Sol, Kindred, Lissandra, and Mordekaiser are basically nonexistent because they're either weaker than what's "meta" or they're too unbalanced to be on par with anything else because of their kit. It's sad. 2. The game is losing individual skill expression, I've made threads very similar to this before. It's usually all about team fights, you can't even do anything if you're outnumbered 2-1 unless you're a fed tank. 3. The game itself lacks permanent game modes. **Unpopular Opinion** I think Ascension should be a permanent mode, or at least something similar to TDM. What're your thoughts? The whole "League is dying" thing is piquing my interest on what the community thinks!
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