State of Xerath

Well it's 2016 and {{champion:101}} is back in the absolute bottom of the play rate charts. Has it become apparent that his rework was a failure to riot yet? He no longer accomplishes anything better than any other mid laner. He can't focus squishy targets like he used to, and he can't melt tanks like he used to. Xerath currently is a generic mage who simply possesses nothing but straightforward long range damage and lacks all the tools necessary to succeed in any form this season. Want more CC to go along with the damage? Play lux. Want to melt tanks better? Play Malz or Brand. Wan't zoning potential and raw damage? Play Veigar or Anivia. All xerath has is poke, and he can't accomplish enough with just that I'm glad the Mage Update looks to be addressing issues with malzahar, but I'm extremely disappointed that Riot did not immediately feel that Xerath should have been included in the update. I'll say what I've been saying for 2 seasons now - His ult feels weak, broadcasted, and is essentially useless in teamfights and absolutely pales in comparison to it's old form - He is completely immobile in every aspect of his kit - His Passive is now generic and uninteresting, as well as inherently bad for his long range kit as it's auto attack based - Stun is unimpressive and cannot target backline enemies as it's no longer a point and click Xerath simply lacks all the tools he needs to do anything as well as he used to, and this season he is really feeling the pain. Desperately hoping riot can return this amazing champion to his former glory at some point. He was once my favourite champion yet now there's literally no reason to play him {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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