Promoted and Demoted 8 times without a single 0lp protection

Yet I still get demoted INSTANTLY at zero points. No safeguard. No protection. I literally am in an endless loop of promotion - demotion - promotion - demotion Why hasn't my MMR fixed yet to where I can actually go somewhere? If I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be as proof by my last 200 games between silver 2 and silver 1 - why don't I ever get a single protection game at 0 LP? UPDATE: Since this post I've been promoted and demoted yet again. This post was 1 day ago. League client literally never loaded, putting me at 0 LP with a leaver tag. Then Riot put me on prisoner island to punish me as they always do for leaving. I went 8-5-15 and lost with a Vlad afk to get demoted.
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