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I know riot has to dick suck the proscene, but it would be nice if they could make the game less toxic. League is supposedly a team oriented experience, but thats just a ruse. They have been making the game for 10 years and there's no way they dont see the issues that are caused by forcing players to acquire gold via last hitting only. This makes the game incredibly toxic. Players are not allowed to quit the game, nor are they allowed to type or they get banned. This puts all the power in the hands of trolls who will subtly fuck you over because its undetectable by the report system. Ever had your top laner steal your gromp on their way back to top lane leaving you with no gold and exp after you dedicated your hp mana and time to it? I have. Ever had a jungler put you behind your lane opponant because they decided to path through your lane and soak up a wave of exp, and maybe even steal some last hits? i have. Ever have teammates just leave you out to rot instead of helping you in an engagement where they could have killed or peeled, ect? I have. Ever been 150g short of finishing a legendary item when you back because whom ever decided to run into your lane and steal all the creeps leaving you with 0g just because they're champion has an easier time securing the cs? I have. Turns out your only recourse is to deal with, you cant report for these things, but if you say things to them everyone will jump down your throat and you will likely get reported, not to mention most will spite you and start going out of they're way to repeat the actions. Even if you could report for it the system cant witness or decipher behavioral intentions. And if your team is doing these things on purpose to piss you off, your not even allowed to leave because...yup get in trouble for that too...and if your too delusional to see the truth in my words the proof is all around you. Want to early surrender? 4 votes yes and 1 vote no isn't unanimous. But wait there's more, 4 votes yes, and one abstained vote (a teammate who doesn't click yes or no) is ALSO not unanimous. So what your left with is a shit show where a few bad moments leave you with little to do but be brutally murdered over and over by enemies who out stat you heavily in an already damage saturated game for 15 minutes, or if your lucky win the coin flip and be doing that to the other team. To all the riot cucks who will come here and down vote me and defend school principal riot and they're "we dont care who started it we just ban everyone" just know i wont be reading your reply that your only going to type in the first place to try to invoke a negative response like 80% of you so desperately seek on the daily. Good bye league of legends, someday karma will find this company. And someday the player base will wake up and realize this shit company does nothing but sell bull shit cosmetic content to hide their permanently unbalanced game.
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