Please Riot?

Okay so today May 27th i played a "wonderful" ranked game. My team had 2 afk people and 3 people who fed(only one of the feeders went afk) and somehow I still had to lose LP for a 3v5 ranked game which simply is not fair. Is there any chance i may get LP back because, and i speak for a lot of people it is not fair to lose LP when your team has an afk. And it happens like every 3 or 4 ranked games especially in the lower elos. So please consider this and even if u cant give LP back at least as a future update make it so that if your ranked team has a afk for lets say 15 minutes the game is a loss prevented. To make sure the system does not get abused the person who went afk still loses LP. Final Edit: if that system is impossible, how about a loss of only 5LP for losing a 4v5 or 3v5 insead of losing like 20LP which occasionally could take 2 games to get back. I was Told to move this post here so please make sure this is the right spot.
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