The chat restrictions.

Ok. Yesterday I was playing a normal and I didn't snowball as Yasou in the early game against a Galio. I kept winning lane and farming but was always getting caught out by Lee Sin (Who was jungling.) by pushing too hard but I was still warding. Later on i kept on getting harassed by two players, Jinx and Miss-Fortune, I got super defensive and felt horrible that day and was having a bad game, i played a few good games before but was super stressed at that moment. Miss-Fortune started first saying about how bad I was doing and whatnot so I called her out for it and got passively angry through-out the game. Jinx later said to Miss-Fortune ''Just mute him he is a little kid and is feeding hard cause he is bad lol''. I then started arguing to Jinx as she was feeding too but not as hard as me and it really annoyed me, and so for the wrong reasons I see now, Ashe started mocking me too and she was a terrible player but i called her a ''Noob'' and whatnot and carried on with my game and muted them. After that game i was chat restricted and only got the chat logs today and i feel super cheated out, because I know i shouldn't have reacted the way I did but it doesn't give them anyright to harass me (Which I reported them for.) I ended up reporting them but bear in mind the last time I got chat restricted was around 1-2 years ago, and whats wrong with being a little kid? Im 14 and I still play good, but what did i do that was worse than them? I was also super tired so sorry for the horrible grammar lol. Here are the chat logs: Game 2 BaronBoots: good luck let go BaronBoots: ok BaronBoots: where they are? BaronBoots: im nothing wrong BaronBoots: Ok ne too BaronBoots: what do i do? BaronBoots: see im goo BaronBoots: so i can mid BaronBoots: but still i am good no? BaronBoots: i have kill BaronBoots: ah BaronBoots: 2v1 BaronBoots: reported talon BaronBoots: noob BaronBoots: noob BaronBoots: lol BaronBoots: it is roaming time BaronBoots: at 10 mins BaronBoots: see BaronBoots: 3 mid BaronBoots: how?? BaronBoots: gj noob BaronBoots: ahh BaronBoots: wow BaronBoots: good job BaronBoots: idoits BaronBoots: nice feed on yasou BaronBoots: wow talon BaronBoots: so good BaronBoots: no help BaronBoots: plese repport talon for griefing\ BaronBoots: Team game yi BaronBoots: gj BaronBoots: For? BaronBoots: 2/5 BaronBoots: Why report me? BaronBoots: im not toxic... BaronBoots: 2v1... BaronBoots: gj ashe BaronBoots: big noob BaronBoots: nice ks BaronBoots: noob BaronBoots: ashe report BaronBoots: for being bad BaronBoots: cant get her own kills BaronBoots: so she press R BaronBoots: big noob mf BaronBoots: 5/ BaronBoots: 5/7 BaronBoots: i report him BaronBoots: 4/7 BaronBoots: report mf please BaronBoots: ahah BaronBoots: gg BaronBoots: gg
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