The Zoe Q nerf is EXACTLY what they did to Akali's E way back in the day

It fixed none of the issues players had against her, and just made her beyond uncomfortable to play for people that do play her. --- For those of you that don't know, Akali's E, Crescent Slash, used to be able to trigger her Q, Mark of the Assassin. What this did was create a very smooth and fluid trigger pattern as you didn't need to auto attack at all since her attack speed and animation was garbage. You'd just Q them, wait for it to fly, and just before it hits you use R and E to blow it up. You actually did less damage this way but it was much smoother and felt great to play. After they changed her E to not trigger her mark, nobody played Akali anymore. She felt clunky as fuck to play and her E essentially became a useless filler skill. Some people just didn't even put a point in it opting for increased AR/MR from her shroud. They had to update her R, FIVE times to do some janky as fuck "behind target" placement bullshit to compensate for it. To this day she still feels like garbage to play compared to before the change. Keep in mind that this didn't change her damage potential at all. Competent Akali players were still able to do the exact same thing but with a slight lag compared to before. People still complained about her damage. But the people that did play Akali dropped her as it just didn't feel good to play anymore. Riot achieved nothing but pissing off devote Akali players. --- This change to Zoe's Q is essentially the same thing. People still get instantly oneshotted from a medium ranged Q into a target afflicted with her E anyway. Her damage in her most frequent scenarios have not been addressed at all and this change literally only affects the fringe cases of MAXIMUM range Q's which all but the fewest Zoe players even consistently pull off. Not only that, but max range Q's require a full 2 seconds of foresight and placement prediction. This made for actual skillful decisions on where to place the shot and hard reading your opponent to predict where they will go. What this change does is just make Zoe feel terrible to play while not addressing any of her damage issues at all. They've kept the skill floor the same but dramatically dropped the skill ceiling with this update. To put it into perspective, it is better to simply run with your Q than to use your ultimate now for the purposes of range extension. Your net gain in range is shorter compared to shortcasting it with your ultimate, but you don't lock yourself into place for easy targeting with the inherent demerits of her ultimate. The ability to still use the rest of your things as well as side step completely outweigh the minuscule amount of range you gain when Q is used in conjunction with her ultimate now. --- TL;DR : Riot gutted her usability making Zoe feel like shit to play while addressing none of the actual damage issues. Novice Zoe players will feel no difference but pro Zoe players may as well play something else.
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