"Skarner's ult so strong that the rest of his kit has to be kept in check"

This is was one reply i got when i stated that Power needs to be distributed from the spires, to the rest of his kit, *which in any way means Skarner's weak. He's good, stats wise.* So ok, let's discuss It. For starters, what me and most skarner players feel, is that the spires retain too much power for being so contestable. Skarner's kit and base stats have been nerfed harshly to justify such passive. All while failing to achieve their goal: we got no lane agency, no premier objective control, more feast/famine than ever, no other way to be relevant when ult Is on cd. I'd love to go deeper on it, but here's the main topic of the thread: what about his ult? I want to make it clear: AS IT IS RIGHT NOW, HIS ULT CANNOT BE NERFED/BUFFED WITHOUT BREAKING IT. First of all, it literally defines skarner, it's healthy, creates high moments in playing skarner, and us skarner players are literally attached to it. It's also cool, and even riot recognizes it. You might think it's really too powerful, but with how much power has creeped (especially mobility/cc) recently, it actually has become the only thing that keeps skarner afloat. Just look at new releases can do, you think skarner got picked because of the spires? He got picked because of predator+ult, spires could go away in the next ten minutes and none would bat an eye. Take away/nerf Skarner's ult and he'd be neutered. He already has to go in melee range to cast it, and with mobility and cc ever increasing, it's risky, and requires your team to follow-up, as you got no ways to retaliate; Qss reliably counters It, and it's easily accessibile if you're ahead. But let's say we want to work on his ult, what would you do? Put a condition to it? Which one? Let's say you can only ult marked targets. Well good luck because E slows itself the more units it crosses, on top of being quite dodgeable. The only thing that you could possibly nerf to it would be the damage, the ability to suppress and drag away people is what really counts. But it's low damage compared to other ults, where would you put it in a way it would be meaningful? The point i'm trying to make above is that *if you want to actually change his ult, you'd have to change his entire kit along with it, and that would be vgu territory.* I actually want to keep this thread in the short term work realm, and in that regard, because of the reasons above, shifting power from the spires to his kit shuld be the goal. And a revert to Crystal Venom skarner Is literally the best solution. Don't hesitate to share your opinion =)
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