Toplane lanebullies

It has been quiet a while that {{champion:133}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:150}} have been terrorizing toplane and I don't think that I am alone with hashinshin on this. I feel like they are not getting adressed beause they are low winrate(which isn't even the case with quinn). For the counterplay you need a team which you usually won't have in soloque which is THE GAME practically, and even then are unstopable, this year's worlds is the greatest example of that. The counterplay from the toplaners side is sitting under turret waiting for lvl6, lvl11, not very healthy is it? Even though they are consantly low pickrate even when they are stupid broken because almost nobody wants to play them because toplaners are usually bruiser players (yes I sound like hashinshin but he is right about a lot of things). Now I ask isn't it a huge problem, shouldn't they be a priority to be changed. I wonder if ADCs liked {{champion:6}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:30}} and like {{champion:86}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:134}} bot, I wonder if midlaners liked {{champion:266}} {{champion:117}} and like{{champion:54}} (who just got adressed) mid, I wonder if junglers liked only-tank jungler meta. Neither do toplaners like those 3 monstrosities (and some more {{champion:17}} ). It is hard to fix these champions because their whole kit involves around bullying the lane with 0 consequences (which I don't know how was even a good idea) they all should be reworked honestly they cause only problems, but maybe nerf their 0 consequence aspect. Kennen with a 10 second cd on the disengage really? Quinn 12 seconds cd on the slow-damage-knockback-diesengage really? Gnar's E is 22 seconds cd but he also has movspeed from W and slow from Q, but don't worry the the time they get to you you turn into a tank, really? Their disengage ability is also an engage ability, while bruiser only-engage abilities like {{champion:122}} E has 24 sec cd, {{champion:82}} E has 24 sec cd, {{champion:58}} E (which is a diesengage as well true) has 18 sec cd, {{champion:266}} W has 26 sec cd to name a few.
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