Can we change the enemies missing signal from a "?" to something else, so people stop abusing it?

It supposed to be used as a way to signal your team that your lane opponent has gone or has been missing. But now People are using it when their teammate makes any mistake. It has become the "WTF are you doing stupid?" signal and it's ruining the game, especially if your off in your own lane or farming in the jungle and your taking that ping seriously and choosing to withdraw from an area, or that side of the map thinking your going to get ganked or invaded, when really your toxic pinging teammates just being a jerk and you could have kept farming a while longer. I know it's a small component but I could list hundreds of scenarios where this could really disadvantage your team. So can we change the "?" symbol to something else, so that it can still function how it should, without it being a toxic tool for trolls?
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