random champ advice #1 - tryndamere

in this "series" i will randomly pick a champ that im quite familiar with and name some tips and tricks and mistakes that i see people do or not do. i wont name stuff like "his q skill does this and that" only special interactions/notable stuff. my english isnt the best so sorry for that. ------------------------------- starting with tryn due to the game i just had. (tryn vs urgot) his passive does not stack against structures but resets the timer for it to decrease. if tryn uses his w in the fog of war (no vision on him) he will briefly be revealed. if you are out of his sight and tryn is near you his w will be useable. kinda telling him an enemy champ is nearby. tryns ult is the only spell in the game that can NOT be stopped no matter what. silenced, stunned, rooted, knocked up, it does not matter. he is able to always use his ultimate. it also counters urgots ult. urgot will pull him in and shred him, deal the 9999 true dmg but tryn will just survive and is able to move again after the shred ended. (not sure if this was fixed) he can even use his ult while in the guardian angel animation. the fountain laser still kills him even when his ult is activated.
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