Easiest champs to kill in this game

Im not gonna put them by order, i'm just gonna put champs that are easiest to kill Kog Maw (if there was an order this champ would probably be number 1) - super low range, no escapes, super squishy, easy to kill Ashe (no escape, immobile) Jinx (same as ashe) Ryze (literally useless minion and his win rate proves it too) Soraka - if she doesn't have ult she's literally free kill. no escapes, no heals on herself and no mobility Rumble - super squishy, any top laner can destroy him if he knows what he's doing, even Nasus Vayne - even though she has some mobility and cc she's one of the squishiest champs in the game and she dies instantly when hit by any high-damage ability Vel'Koz - squishy, immobile Varus - squishy, no mobility Veigar - that's a tricky one because he IS one of the squishiest champs in the game BUT if he has zhonyas and if he knows how to use his E he can be harder to kill so he would probably be on the last place. Next topic: hardest champs to kill

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