The game is burning down like a london bridge

The things that should be done but are not: 1. Remove duo queue from ranked games - basically the most unfair and uneven form of play is duoQ. Even bad players can win if they communicate a lot. Solo players are at a disadvantage and have to count on a coin flip. I am a duo player btw. 2. Maintain the damn client - client is so buggy that it breaks every now and then. Also the problem with the friend list just vanishing wasn't fixed yet. Instead Riot gave us a solution how to fix it ourselves. 3. Actually balance the game - when I look at patch notes and read them and I see a nerf, I think "that is not why the champion is broken right now". They nerf things that are not the problem and then after some time the champion falls into tier 5 for some reason. The reason is simple, you just didn't nerf the right thing. The thing that made him broken at that exact time. 4. Stop creating gimmicky and edgy champions that are difficult to balance - I mean, we have enough champions in the game to begin with, we don't need more. Also immobile champions are in the shitter right now, because of mobile champions and overall high damage in the game. 5. Stop tuning up stats for new champions - Sett came out and was broken, Aphelios came out and was broken, Zoe came out and was broken and Senna came out and was broken. Can you make them weak first and then slowly balance them? 6. Stop adding true damage and %health damage to new champions - we have enough of anti-tanks in the game to ruin tanks completely. Nobody even plays them except for Leona and Thresh and Nauthilus. As a marksman player I don't even have anybody to hide behind, because everybody plays mages and assassins. 7. Seriously stop balancing solely around damage - there is too much damage in the game and in every patch notes I see Riot just adding or substracting some damage from champions. Could you kindly not buff damage, just nerf it and focus on other stats, for example mr and armour that we actually have 26 of, when we need at least 30? 8. Put as much effort on new items as you do on new champions - some items are really cool but then there are some that are uninspired. Items that add nothing but more damage. 9. Stop compensating for nerfs - nerfs are nerfs, they exist because a champion is too powerful, so he does not need a compensation. 10. Stop making players wait months, or even years for reworks - you focus so hard on new champions that old champions have to wait seasons for reworks. There are so many champions that need a rework because they just cannot adapt to this high mobility + high damage meta. Focus on them. We don't need more champions, we already have 148 of them and people only play 1-3 champions. 11. Place Iron above Bronze - it makes absolutelly no sense that Iron is below Bronze. Iron is a better metal than Bronze. Also I would prefer the promo to be removed, since it all works on MMR anyways. Ranks can stay but promo is additional games that give you nothing else than test you if you can advance to another rank. Usually promo is lost because in 3 games, 1-2 can be inted or trolled by somebody and then you just need to try again. It is like a buttleneck in cultivation, but worse, because it depends on other players. 12. Rework the damn honor system and make it interactive - It can quickly go down and slowly go up. There is no reason to get better and stop flaming and inting if you will stay on honor 0 the whole time anyways. It doesn't motivate people to be better, it only punishes them for doing the wrong thing and that is not how rehabilitation works. Also we should be able to honor our enemies, since they sometimes deserve it and that honor is probably the fairiest one, since it is our enemy and we still want to honor that guy. 13. Autofill - it doesn't work in this season. In duoQ both of us get autofill at the same time, so our team has 2 or maybe even 3 autofill players and we are silver/gold elo. I must say that it worked somewhat in S9, but now it is certainly not working properly. In S9 such cases were rare, really rare. In S10 I had this case in 4 matches already in 1 week. I played a lot in duoQ and every autofill was a double autofill. We were autofilled 4 times, and all of them were double autofill. And from what I can see, it is not only me and my friend that get this double autofill insanity, but other players as well, since in my games people are yelling that they get double autofilled when we meet another duoQ pair.
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