Day 1 in Gold V, I have yet to encounter any intelligent life

The natives of this Rank appear to believe that copy paste "Pro" builds and KDA are all they need to win games. Creep score appears to take priority over Objectives and remains a point of pride worth bragging about for the unintelligent beasts I've found. Pings to contest Dragons and Barons go unanswered, requests to group down a lane to take free towers while the other lanes auto-push with minions are ignored. I've yet to encounter any friendly tanks that build {{item:3512}} when behind so our towers don't suffer while they're off roaming through the Jg. {{champion:157}} and {{champion:67}} players continue to ignore all common sense and insist on going solo into unwarded territory and seem compelled by some suicidal urge to go 1v3 against full health enemies. I fear for the future.
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